week twenty

This week was a fun one. First of all, I took this week off of work so that feels really nice. The reason why is that I had to help out with the middle school musical and it was their tech week.

I have to say, the kids right now are so talented. They have all the amazing potentials and the best technology ever, they can be the best ever. What is so important right now is the models and people they look up to. Because even though they are so talented, they are more prone to get influenced because of social media and such and it’s our job to make sure they get nothing but the best influences. Instead of all the stupid unnecessarily drama about little things these kids could use their time to actually save the world.

Well, that went on for a bit. I truly admire the kids right now and their passion and I’m not sure if it’s related to me always wanted to become a bigger sibling but I’ve always wanted to help and be there as the kids are growing up. Making sure they’re not being brainwashed by those who don’t give a damn about their actions. Anyway, the kids were great.

When I first started helping out with the show I thought it was going to be another time passing thing to do. In some ways it was, but in the best ways, it wasn’t.

When each show is ending it feels like something is being pulled away from you, it had always felt like that. When you’re doing theater and it’s the last three shows it feels like the time together with each other is ending so you tend to cherish it more. More and more by the end of each show. You grow closer and closer. It’s a beautiful thing, it’s a bitter thing, it’s a sweet thing.

Those kids, they do something to you. Their pure joy and innocent is unlike anything in this world. It’s one of the things that make this world so exotic, it’s one of the things that need protection the most, yet many don’t see that.

That couple of seconds right when the show has ended and the curtain draws and the kids start to scream, everything goes away. There are no judgments, no pettiness, no arguments. Just pure explosion of excitement, relief, and happiness that’s been created in this short period of time, before it ends. We all cherish things when they’re about to end or when we’re about to lose them, by looking at the tears, hugs, and expressions on the kids’ faces, I think they did a good job on that.

All of that was fun. It makes me even more excited for what’s more to come in the very near future. I can’t wait to tackle intense acting training again and the best time with some of the coolest people ever.  

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