What make things precious? What makes us want to spend every last minute with it? Throughout my sophomore year I’ve learned a lot. Mostly because this was my first year in STAC which taught me many things.

One is that I had no idea I could continue writing blogs. I mean I barely wrote before I joined STAC and now I’ve been quite good at writing it every week. (Even though I missed last week’s) Are my blogs anywhere good as other people’s in STAC? Not at all, but I still do it anyways. I just felt that writing the blogs were pretty fun, since I’m trying to write out what I’m thinking in my head little by little and it’s hard for me to share everything that goes through my mind. Even though I’m bad at it, I still do it.

Another thing I’ve discovered about myself is how much I love to work. I don’t know how to really say this but before 10th grade I used to sit at home every weekend, play video games the whole day and do nothing. That’d be my whole weekend.  Once in awhile I’d go out for movies with my friends but not so much lately, since a lot of them likes to play video games. I love video games, it’s relaxing for the most part, competitive, and it’s also a way to feel that your friends are there with you, more connected I guess. Lately though I’ve been drifting away from video games, maybe it’s because of there aren’t any new ones that’s fun for me to play, but maybe it’s that I find there are so much more interesting stuff outside. In my opinion. I found out that I love to travel, I love to be outside, I love to be around people sometimes, and I guess that’s why I like to go to New York City so much. I feel so alive when I’m there or I somewhere other than my house. Because when I’m in my house, I get bored real easily, then I sleep, I wake up, eat, and the whole day pass by, I didn’t do anything productive in the end. I love to work, do things productive, that gives me energy to keep moving. That’s what I’ve learned about myself this year. 

Most important lesson for me this year was “precious”. Throughout this year in STAC I’ve met great people. Some are just amazing that I can’t even describe, and I love them. The seniors in STAC made STAC this year, and I could not see STAC being the same as it is next year. I don’t know why in the beginning of the school year I felt it was going by so slow, but all of a sudden I realized the year came to the end. I’m still not used to this. Time really flew this year, and I could say that this made me realize how precious everything is. I learned how little time we all have, I learned how important it is to make sure every second you spend it doing things your heart tells you to do, I learned how not to take granted on other people since everyone’s going away sometime, so don’t waste the time. I love the time I had this year, I love the people I spent the time with, and for that I’m not going to let it go to waste. I’ll miss the seniors next year, for them being the precious people they already are. 

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