Don’t you want to get out? Go somewhere? Take a break? Or simply relax? I bet a lot of people are really exhausted from school, work, and dealing with stress that stretches boundlessly. With its weight crashing down your spine, sometimes you want to get away. What is a good place that you’ll 100% love. Hawaii. It is one of the most beautiful place on Earth, most unique. Hawaii is a place that if you like warm weather and beach, it’s going to be the perfect place for you. Even though I’ve only been there once I can already brag about a place and I don’t do that often. Plus I’m going back this summer. For people that are looking for experience or adventure, if you have a chance, don’t miss out on going to Hawaii.


I’d like to call Hawaii more unique and beautiful, because I feel that in the word unique it contains this beauty that’s a bit more that just “beautiful”. During my trip to Hawaii, it sucked at the beginning. I hated it. When we were getting out of the airport trying to rent a car, somehow my parents found a way to fight each other. They were arguing about renting a car, I don’t care about the embarrassment of them yelling at each other but it was how they dragged my brother and me in and the time they took up in the airport. When we got back to the hotel at night it didn’t quite end, in fact it got worst since there were nobody around. Then there was my brother, who thinks he’s the one in control somehow, he thought he knew what he had to do to stop it and forcing it verbally down from our ears. How much I wanted to jump out the window at the time, with a parachute of course. That’s not my point thought. As the morning arrived, sun came up. That’s when I looked out the window and saw the view that I’d never forget. Sun high above and  brightening up the whole ocean, making you feel blinded when you stare at it. It was early and there were already paddlers down by the water sailing out. Boats, jet skis, parasailing, that’s the exact definition of “lively” to me. Have I mentioned it was winter break? So I live in New York and having that kind of weather was a dream come true. I was more enthusiastic somehow, not like other mornings when I’m ailing but instead I was optimistic. Oh and about whatever I mentioned top of the paragraph? I didn’t give a single cent about it anymore. The place made me focus more on the present. As I got down to the lobby to have breakfast and I stared out the window, there it is, the double rainbow. I mean that’s common for Hawaii but for me it was magical. New York we barely get a single fully formed rainbow. Everything just kept on making me more and more excited.


The water in Hawaii was perfect. Crystal blue. As I was surfing it made me feel more connected to nature than ever. When I was on the water there, it felt like there were no time, no stress, and bunch of little inspiration just kept on coming and poking me in the brain, making me want to do this and that. Not to mention the reef was only 3 feet under me, stepping on stuff under water was never a thing for me, but it wasn’t the case there. Plus you get to go so far out. The whole Waikiki beach just adds another layer of life onto it.


If you think Hawaii only has the water and beaches, you’re wrong. There’re mountains you wouldn’t believe, mountain ranges so big and tall that looks like the ones you find in Asia. If you love mountains and forest, the island Kauai is for you. The mountains there spike through the clouds and ponds that are green enough to blend in with the grass. Addition to Kauai, O’ahu has the Diamond Point mountain and it is my biggest regret not climbing that.  All of these add a complete new flavor to this total package. Volcanoes that you’d not see anywhere else too. The erupting volcanoes with its running lava adds so much adrenaline to you.  A perfect mix between the water and the scorching lava.
There are so much more that I can talk about, and I didn’t even go to most of its island yet. I just miss so much of that walking down the street feeling, it felt very modern like NYC but nothing like NYC at all. Fireworks were going off in the sky for some reason but it was beautiful. Walking feeling that perfect temperature of 68 to 70 degrees. Most of all, spend a night of the beach when it’s Christmas.

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