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The Matrix


I just saw The Matrix over this weekend. First time ever and man can I say I’m glad I didn’t miss it. I’ve heard of The Matrix forever and the reason why I’ve never seen it is because I moved to America way after The Matrix and never heard of it in China. I missed out on tons of good movies and with the graphics we have these days, it’s sometimes really hard for me to go back to those vintage movies. It wasn’t the case with The Matrix though. The graphics was already good enough but it was the story that hooked me in tightly. Somehow the character/story of Neo made me want to find out more, he was so interesting to watch.

I find it very interesting on how much of the Allegory of The Cave concept was used in this movie. I mean it’s exact the same idea. What I find interesting is that they can make this good of a movie when it’s obliviously using the same idea of the others. Once you’ve learned the idea of Allegory of The Cave then it’d be impossible for you not to relate to the movie. In the film Neo was literately called  a slave by Morpheus, as he is representing the slaves in the Allegory. He chooses to learn about the Matrix and that’s when the slaves decides to go outside the cave. The sun blinding the slave’s eyes as Neo learning about and rejecting the real world. The movie then started to go off a bit in its separate ways.

What was this movie about? I mean of course it’s about Allegory of The Cave but there’s so much more. As I heard Luke from STAC say “it’s a love story” and I can completely see that too. At the very end Neo gets shot by one of the agents and he was suppose to die. But he was in the Matrix, which means it wasn’t real. Then in the real world the girl Trinity kissed him and said “I love you” and suddenly Neo was revived in the Matrix and more powerful than the agents. That’s where the idea of love comes in. As we know the Matrix was not real, but if someone gets killed in the Matrix their mind gets killed too, then in the real world the body would die. When Neo gets killed in the Matrix, his mind was telling him that was the end, the reality, he was going to die, even though it wasn’t real. What was real was Trinity in the real world watching Neo and telling him she loves him. Love is real, that’s what I think the director was trying to say. That love is this connection that was able to tell Neo everything in the Matrix was fake. Love is more powerful than the mind and it was able to reach out to Neo to let him know the real world and the Matrix, that’s why I think Neo became so strong at the very end. Because he understood, or started believe that what is real and what is not. That’s what I think.

What was a message that was send through the movie? I think it was that “You don’t need to know where exactly you’ll end up, you just have to start walking in a direction to get there” Since when Neo was taken to see Oracle, she told him that he wasn’t “the one” that Morpheus was calling him. But is that the truth? Since in the movie Morpheus said something like “Oracle only told you what you NEEDED to hear, not for anyone” Right there I think what Oracle said was a lie and it was only a guide for Neo to start walking down his path. Maybe Neo was not “the one” when he was talking to Oracle but that doesn’t mean he won’t be later on. He only had to know what Morpheus believed and start to believe himself too.

There’s way more I can talk about this movie but it’s somehow hard to pick out what I can talk about.

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