Dream Chasers

The Types of dream chasers

James Ao

Everybody dreams sometime in their life. They at least think about something bigger that they want to do or want to be. People all dreamt before since that’s what the gift of childhood is. That’s what we get for being innocent, we’re all curious babies one time after all. There are infinite amount of dreams in the world, there also billions of people chasing them, all different types. There are people who talk about the dreams everyday but doesn’t do any actions, people who have hundreds of millions of dreams and can’t even focus on one, people that focus on the dream every single day making progress little by little, and people who fail once and completely gives up. Summing up basically the two types of chasers, the people who turn “dreams” into goals, and people who keep “dreams” literally as dreams.  


The Waiters/ The Daydreamers

Starting out with the waiters. I was once this and probably still am sometimes. The people who sit around all day everyday waiting for the perfect moment. For everything to set in a straight line so they can walk down it easily. Most of the time it doesn’t really work out unless the person is super duper talented or lucky. They usually get stuck, picturing that fantasy in their head but gets no work done at all. Daydreaming, complaining, listening to music while daydreaming for an excessive amount of time are all signs of a waiter. Not necessarily all the time, but when I listen to music in the bathroom in front of the mirror, daydreaming about how I will be able to sing like the song, play the instruments in the song, or how the song can fit into to my “future movie”; I can literally waste about an hour or two, just being in the bathroom. I ever wonder what my parents think about it. I’d waste all these time and get nothing done. I’d feel that I have now a path to walk by but I’d still stay in the same spot because I thought it wasn’t really the “right” idea. “I’ll do it someday when it comes to me” “This isn’t just the right idea for my piece” and “I need all of this to happen until I do it” These are all things that a waiter or daydream would say. Daydreaming is wasting our time, killing our minds, and polluting our ideas. Overall all, if you have a dream you don’t want to be a daydreamer. Take the day out and work towards your dreams.


The Complicated Ones/ The Giving ups  

Here we go, the complicated ones. This was me too. The complicated ones can be in different types. Ones who does have a clear dream but are too scared to pursue them. And the ones that have just way way way too many of dreams, the person keeps on wanting to do everything (that’s me) but ultimately  doesn’t get anything anywhere.

The people who have dreams but are too scared to chase them have to deal with pride. They maybe care about how others look at them and don’t want to get judged by the audience. Say sometimes a kid has been playing sports his whole life but started to get into dance, all the friends around him doesn’t share the same vision and nobody has ever done anything like that before. Therefore the kid gets stuck and decides to let things go the way it has always been. Or the kid’s family can be expecting him to be something different and the kid doesn’t want to upset the parents, too scared to come out. For those people I’d say that you have to stay strong to who you really are. That doesn’t mean push everybody who disagrees with you out but to just simply listen who how they think, nothing more. If you stay on your path the “right” people will join you, together you guys might become a family. If you are lucky enough you might even meet “the one” that’ll hopefully “create” your own family and bring a whole new different meaning of life for you. For those people who focus on way too many things. Stop it! Your time is limited, nobody has beaten time before. So before you say “oh I’m going to do all these things in my life” plan carefully. You can never really be perfect at something, there’ll always be improvement so just think how long it’ll take to be even “good” at somethings. Focusing on one thing can also give you less stress, you get more free time and you don’t have to worry about the work you’ll need to put in.   

The complicated ones are also sometimes the giving ups. They really really have this one big dream that they always wanted to achieve but when it only gets smashed once they completely give up. They right away think that the dream is way bigger than themselves and there’s no way of accomplishing it. Stop that also! You’re the one that came up with this dream so why the heck can you not do it, or even something similar to it. Look, you don’t have to do EXACTLY what your dream is, your dream is really a guide for you to become who you are, to find out who you are and what kind of ideas you bring to this world. So walk that path, it might be lonely, it might be hard, it might be scary but it’s worth it because the destination is life. So walk that path, on that path you might stumble upon some things you never knew in this world, you never knew about you. So because you fell once that just means you’re learning, getting better, stronger, faster. So keep running.


The Ones

Finally we have the ones. This one is going to have the least explanation because it pretty simple. These people soars with their mind and heart full force towards their goals. A lot of them are really successful or proud of what they’ve accomplished. They live the life of themselves and no matter how many times they got kicked down they just said “I’m me”. These people have gone through the two stages or types up top and kept running.   

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