“We Create Our Own Demons”


“We create our own demons” I really find this quote pretty interesting. I got this quote off of “Iron Man 3” and it was spoken by my favorite actor EVER RDJ. Did anyone else famous really said this quote I have no idea, but I’m here to talk about what I think. I mainly want to focus this quote on what we’ve been talking about in STAC class but I also want to throw some of my own thoughts out.

“We create our own demons” I mean this quote is really true. This sums up the reason why we have conflicts in this world pretty good already. What does the word demon mean? Does it just mean someone who is pure evil and is on fire all the time? I think of the word demon not as someone but as some traits that’s way way way too much. Say way too much desire, way too much ignorance, way too much ┬ádistrust, way too much protection, even way too much love. When we have way too much of somethings we won’t be able to control them, they start to control us. Making us do things that are sometimes just pain harmful. And isn’t that what a demon does? Control you to do things eventually will harm one another. And we are the ones creating those thoughts. One of the main reason we have wars today is because of religion, believing that one way of life is way more superior than the other, and then people fight, for what they believe. We also create our own internal conflicts, as I kept on complaining that I don’t know how to write a blog and that’s why I’ve delayed this for two days. Anyway this is all super complex talk that I can’t describe it in words.

“We create our own demons” We were talking in STAC about how robots are going to be the future of this planet. I’m in a mix of super super scared and interested. Honestly I want to see how this world will turn out but I’m yet afraid of the result that might come. So we were talking about how AI can surpass human in every single way and I have no doubt that it can’t. I mean look at the machines we have right now, calculators that can solve math in less then a second compared to us taking our sweet time, computers that has all the information around the world. Anyway the point is these machines can do things impossible for human race. How would the robots be if they’ve taken over? I’ve always wondered can they ever achieve such that they can same have feelings just like us humans? If AI goes to a point that they can “feel” then how would they think about religion? I mean they were literally created by us so are we the gods figure to them? Or are they going to look at us as a creature to surpass. Also if they can also “feel” then would it be bad to have them on the planet? In the far future when we have robots all around the world would it really be them controlling us? Or would it be us letting them ┬ácontrol us. As the quote say we create our own demons so what if we rely on these robots so much to the point that we can do nothing but let it control us.

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