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So this week we were suppose to write a blog, and it can be whatever I want. I just decided to jot down some feelings I was having throughout this week and what went on.



It is Tuesday, it has been an okay week for me, I’ve been just doing the same old thing. There’s one thing that is different though, I’ve been thinking a lot. Over the past few weeks I’ve had this writing workshop in STAC with Steve Massicotte (he’s great). We’ve worked mainly on script plays, on some techniques we can use while writing the script and all this other “does it make sense” or “is it realistic” kind of stuff. While those are all interesting I found that when we talked about why we write and act more. During the last day of the workshop Steve explained about his thoughts on why we write and act. Steve said part of why we write is because we’re connecting with others, relating to others, and I do believe that. I think that we write or act sometimes is to trying to help others who might be going through the same thing to make them feel less alone, and also just to make us the authors feel less alone too. Because I believe that everybody is connected in this world.

I don’t remember everything but somehow we started talking about why do all this matter, why do we do good in this world. Steve was saying that maybe that this all doesn’t matter, the world doesn’t make sense and all types of that confusing stuff. He also questioned what is life and why do we have to do good in this life, he said that he does good in his life is because it’s like a big f— you to the world if none of this matters. For me I thought that I do good because I just want to, I want to see other people feel good and I don’t care. But it was all really confusing stuff, I can’t really describe it in words, I just thought that it was pretty interesting to think about these things.



I guess today I just thought about love in general. Love towards family, friends, someone, or just people. I always believed that, we should just all have love towards each other, you know, not like a “falling in love” type of love, but just a love of being who you are and respecting who others are and them as people. Every person exceed in their own ways so if we encourage and love each other to push us to the limits won’t that make the world a much better place? Sometimes you’ll have way more love towards someone else than others and that’s okay, it’s good. Because that person you’ll have more love to is like an another you, share some of the weight you’re carrying while you’re carrying his or hers. Allow yourself to be yourself and at the same time let others.



Challenge Day

Today in school we had a day called Challenge Day, and wow can I say it was emotional. Challenge Day is suppose to be this day when a group of students stay together and really connect to each other like they’ve never have before, letting everybody’s’ balloon get some of it’s air out so it won’t pop. That type of thing. For me, I liked the activity. It started out pretty light and fun, then, oh boy, later on it got really emotional. When we got into the “real” things going on in our lives I feel like that everybody just opened up, we all shared each other’s pain and respect and loved one another. It was really amazing on how much we were connected at that point, at least what I felt like, I felt that we were all a family and I had the confidence of standing up speaking because of knowing they’re all my family and we all have love for each other. Pretty sure a lot of others felt the same way. It truly moved me when I saw the tears coming out of some of my guy friends that I thought they’d never cry for a situation like this, it made me feel way more connected. It also made me feel guilt at the same time. Because when I see all my friends expressing their problems and what they’ve been through it made me realize how much they were all hiding and how much I don’t know about. Being a friend I wish they can tell me all their problems, I wish I could’ve been there for them. When she was getting hurt, being harassed, when he was being made fun of, being put down and all sorts of these nonsense. I just wish that I can be there for them in the future and let them all know that love from me will always be there.


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