how has theater shaped you

Theater is one of the biggest influences on my life to date, both personally and artistically. How I look at it is that theater was the guide that brought me into a whole new world of different crafts and artists. I am very glad of how this world has helped shape me become the person that I am today. As cliche as it may sound, I have found more about who I am because of theater. In the beginning, I was a kid who moved to the United States and has no idea what he wants to do or become. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon the eighth-grade musical when I discovered my love and passion for this craft called acting. It wasn’t just finding out my passion that was remarkable but also how I conquered this enormous insecurity of mine, which was going up on stage. A foreign kid speaking a foreign language in front a fully crowded auditorium If it wasn’t for theater I don’t think I would have ever tackled that fear. Over the years I started taking more acting classes, the more I took the more I realized how deep this form of art is which drove me more intrigued on exploring this depth. With every path I choose to walk down there seem to be more and more paths to choose, each one of them is different, each one has its own adventure. This has taught me that many times life lies to us and doesn’t tell us everything with the surface it is showing, there are so much more beneath, so much more we tend to ignore. Yet those things we ignore are so important and each one of them has its own unique strength, its own unique story, and all of them work in unison all together to create what we call emotions. That is something I crave to better understand for myself and hope that I can help others in the future to shed some light on this beautiful magic. Theater, over the years, has brought me many close friends, I know I will stay in contact with a lot of them throughout my life. The more friends I come to encounter, the more I learn about myself. Who I can be around and feel the happiest, who I can rely on, and who I can challenge each other with when working. I am extremely lucky to have met the people that I did and my own artistic world has grown immensely because of their help. I get to travel to their artistic planets, with music and all sorts of art, and a lot of times I can build bridges between us which sets up a connection. That’s what I think theater is all about, connection. Now, I strive to establish that realistic connection between the people around me. There is almost a sense of no turning back due to all the support that I got from the people around me, the time I have invested, and all the love and energy I put into this art. Theater has been a wonderful guide for me in this exploration of the artistic world, now I want to run even further and discover more breakthroughs, heartbreaks, triumphs and love that the world has to offer.


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