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James Ao Evals



You have an enthusiasm and eagerness for the work that are admirable. You are a hard worker and seem to enjoy pushing yourself physically. As the program progressed, your concentration became stronger and more specific. As you asked fewer questions and threw yourself into the work more, the better the outcome. The need to intellectually understand (at least this work) gets in the way of the true experience of what we’re after. It can be a difficult leap to take, and it is necessary for the full expression of the work. You exhibited an ability to let go more as the program went on. Keep a look out for this in your work, whether or not it is physical work you are doing. You are a very good student and will do well at whatever you set your mind to.



James, I loved having you in the room- You exhibited a passion for this work and were always seeking to meet the bar set for you. I loved your questions and the way you were engaged in class. You started at the beginning a bit on your back foot and in your head. Your talent is in your instincts! Not in your head! You are hard on yourself and I know this struggle between your head and your impulses was born from the desire “to get it right.” I encourage you to let go of results- let go, let go, let go. Your scene work was so memorable- such beautiful listening! You were truly a feather or your partner’s breeze! By the end of the four weeks, you were really starting to get out of your own way.



You bring tremendous enthusiasm and generosity to everything you do.  You are a delight to watch and to work with. I think you showed courage in every exercise and a very mature sense of your own relationship to the work.  You were aware when you found triumph and you were also aware when you fell short. Your ability to acknowledge when you fell short and keep moving forward is heroic.  Your curiosity and tenacity are inspiring. I loved watching you struggle and persevere through the challenges, particularly in your work during the Little Scarf game, and the Ventriloquist exercise.  You are a bright shining light and it comes through in your work. I also think you are a strong leader and a wonderful ensemble member.



James stood out in the program as someone with a wonderful sense of maturity and motivation. Each and every day he came ready to move, and willing to throw himself with full force into the work at hand. He always did so with a lovely sensitivity and openness that made others feel comfortable when working with him. He has a natural sense of what is required in acting training, and moves dynamically, boldy, and creatively amongst the ensemble. James is a natural leader, listening and responding with wonderful ease. Overall, he did excellent work this summer, and I wish him the best of luck as he continues his journey. And keep working on his flexibility!!!


Voice and Speech

James is an excellent student: present, prepared, hard working, and going the extra mile.
Additionally, he has a terrific attitude and is a wonderfully open person. As James and I
discussed several times, his next steps require relaxing, giving in, and becoming a little “
softer.” This is only achieved with time and not being so hard on himself. I have every
confidence that James will accomplish whatever he puts his mind to.

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