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straight white men


This was my favorite play out of all that we’ve saw, I really loved it. I don’t really see why everyone didn’t enjoy the play or as far as really disliking it. For me, it did something to me, and I can’t exactly pinpoint what it is that the play had the impact on but it made me feel a certain way. That’s the reason why I thought Straight White Men was good, that it left me with some feelings. This show was also the first show that I went to stage door with and it was the first time of me waiting outside the theater and greeting the actors, not only that the first actor I saw was Armie Hammer who I admire from the film Call Me By Your Name. It was an amazing experience to feel that you could meet the person that you admire so much outside the theater that you just saw the person perform in. I guess that’s one factor of why Broadway is so magical in a way, that you can be so close to the professionals and be in the same atmosphere. That’s the kind of magic that movies lack, I strongly love films, the intimacy between the audience and the actors in real life. Seeing Armie Hammer literally right in front of me and talking to me seriously inspired me so much in a way that I haven’t felt for a long time.

What I found interesting about the play was the roles of the two transgenders character in the play. Kate Bornstein and Ty Defoe. Having the set changes and the stage crew being visible was also an interesting act. I did realize that the stage was set to look like a frame, a picture frame or something in the museum; so by having the transgender characters to change up the set feels almost like they were the painter of the picture, or the play that’s going on. But I would really like to talk to Young Jean Lee and ask her about what it all means. Speaking about Young Jean Lee I saw her outside the theater, the next day after when Tisch saw the preview of the show, after the opening show. Young Jean Lee is  also the first asian american female playwright so seeing her in person gives me some kind of excitement and encouragement that’s telling me to keep going and try harder. It felt truly inspiring.

One question that I still have and unanswered is whether or not Matt, played by Paul Schneider, is homosexual. I have always thought that the character Matt is a homosexual but a lot of people didn’t think that way. I also heard that people said the two people in charge told the audience that everyone was straight in the play but I thought I’ve heard three characters were straight, but I’ve probably heard wrong. Either way everytime I look at the character of Matt I see that there’s something that’s hidden beneath there away from his family, for me it was his sexuality and that he haven’t even figured out what his sexuality is, and that’s what’s causing the miscommunication between the family. Maybe Matt is straight, and this whole play was about the miscommunication between love ones that drove everyone crazy, and maybe symbolizing how the world is right now, because we’re lacking a ton of communication. But I have always thought that there was something behind the character of Matt, and I know that question would never be answered, that’s also another part of the play.

Things in the play and ideas were left on stage without being answered, that was done intentionally. Mostly it was the ending of the play that drove a lot of people upset and crazy but I don’t think that was the point of the play. I think the whole point was about the process of how they got there, and the miscommunication kept on being broken down in a snowball effect that eventually got the family to a place where nobody knows where they’re going to go, and that’s life. The process of the play being all playful and fun in the first half and broken down into heart wrenching in the second half. The atmosphere change was incredible. I can’t recall anymore when that happened but it was in the second half of the play. The change was incredibly heavy and I noticed I was sucked into the play at one point. I was constantly thinking about what is going to happen, what’s next but all of that didn’t help. I feel that it’s almost on purpose to let the audience guess what’s going on with Matt and having all these theories about it. It was the same way in the play, the two brothers were constantly making assumptions about Matt thus speaking over him most of the times and didn’t give him a chance to explain himself, or at least give a hint. But the acting and the emotion breakdown in the second half of the play hooked on my attention and did not let go.

Again, this was my favorite play out of all that we saw. It personally impacted me in some way that I don’t really know how to explain, and if I try I’d just mess it up and mixed up whatever it is that I’m feeling. Like one of my favorite song says “say what it is, it’s impossible, but if I just say what it is, it tends to sublimate away”.    

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