I want to stay here a little longer

are you sure you want to 

yes, this is making me feel better

in what way?

I don’t know but there’s this wring

why do you care so much 

I can’t help it

I’m gonna make you sick 

no you’re not

thanks for staying 

I like staying

I know, it’s nice 

You’re beautiful you know

But other people run 

They can’t feel you

it’s exactly why they run

I mean, you’re a lot

Am I? I can’t help it 

more and more

I’m pushing you away aren’t I 

can’t I stay some more

But you’re already walking 

there’s no one else hearing me

so you’re gone 

I guess I have to

It was a while 

It was a while

You’re running 

I’m running

You’re running 

I’m running



Goodbye dear one 

goodbye little one


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