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The last couple of weeks has been… kind of crazy. It was midterm week and the middle school musical week and then right after it was the STAC Live week. I’m pretty exhausted now from all the things happening. Now, doing some much and being active much be a way to be but I also found myself struggling because of it, because of me wanting to do all the things. How much is too much? Whenever I hear there’s an opportunity to help out or do some projects that I find fun I would always definitely say yes, but now I’m slowly realizing that it’s a bit irresponsible to myself to do that.

The week of the midterm testing was also the week for the middle school musical, which I gladly volunteered to help out in stage crew.  My schedule was strict: wake up early in the morning, go take the test, walk to Panera for lunch and study there for long as I can, walk to the community center for the musical, and I don’t get home till 8:30 pm. I eat dinner, study more and go to sleep. I thought I managed my time ok, but I guess I didn’t. When I got my midterm scores back, let’s say they weren’t really what I was expecting. At least for chemistry and history, math I did pretty well on. I don’t know if it was me that didn’t study hard enough or was it just me not getting the topic. During the test, I thought it was pretty easy but my score said otherwise. On Friday during the same week, I had a Spanish project to present and I was not ready. I had my project done but it’s that I never went over it so I completely didn’t know how to present it. I wanted to do finish the project of course but every day of that week when I came home I was either studying for the next test or I fell right to sleep because I couldn’t stay awake anymore.

I loved doing stage crew though, it was a fun experience that I didn’t have in a while and I would say it was totally worth doing it. But am I being responsible though? If I didn’t go to all those rehearsals whether or not they needed me would I have gotten a higher grade on my tests? Did I really manage my time good enough?  It’s kind of like right now as I’m writing this blog. I need to finish a book by Monday and it’s 3:46 pm on Sunday, I also have 300 pages to go. Why did I choose to write this?

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