Eat and ponder

Right now I’m finishing up my lunch/dinner at Brookfield Place downtown NYC. I have a pretty nice view and I’m just pondering right now. (The thumbnail is the view) I’m alone. It’s nothing special, I always come to the city alone. I feel that coming in alone is the easiest way to do so. But each time I come in I feel more and more wanting to have a friend here and doing some city activities here. I guess I really want to live in the city, there’s so much here to do. Now that I noticed I feel this way I realized how nice it would be to have a significant someone here with me. Oh well, that’s my own problem. Why do I come into the city so much? It’s funny because I think I’m coming in is because I’m wishing for something to happen. Someone that I’ll bump into, some events I’ll stumble upon, some people that I’ll meet. I mean anything can happen in this city. Right? Well, another reason I like to come out so much is most likely because I want to simply get out, my house is so boring, my entire county is so boring. I can’t get anywhere without a car. That’s why I like to come to the city so much.

I’ve always been an extrovert, or at least that’s what all my friends say. Now that I think about it, I’ve really changed. I wouldn’t call myself an extrovert anymore, but I don’t think introvert fits me either. It’s interesting how much I’ve changed, my behaviors, my thinking, my interests. I want to be alone more times now than before or fix that, I want to be with more significant people to me. Before, I’d go for any social events if I can. I wouldn’t care who was going, even with some people that I’m not really close to. Now I’m a bit tired. I want to really spend some quality time instead of simply time. If I’m being honest, really the person that I’d love to hang around with is, if I have one, my girlfriend. Everyone else kind of depends. Don’t get me wrong, I still love everybody, and if they want to hang out with me I’m glad to do it. I’m just speaking my mind out. I also don’t want to be closing myself off of everyone, so I’m going to watch out for that.

If you ask me if there’s a turning point in my life I would give you one right away. It’d be the first day I went to my STAC class. STAC has changed me, literally. It has changed my brain, my work ethics, my taste in movies and music and so much more. I’m extremely lucky that I stumbled upon STAC and the teacher of it, I feel that anyone who stumbles on this class should take full advantage of it, it’s so precious and special. Anyone who takes the class for granted would be wasting time and energy. Anyway, I’m getting carried away with my mind. Pondered long enough and now the suns set. I still want to go to Washington Square Park.

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