Would not be

Expecting it. Today in class I learned something pretty interesting, that when you don’t expect something to be anything, it’ll satisfy you unexpectedly. We had to write a play today in STAC, and we had the whole class to work on it. I didn’t expect myself to finish it in time, I thought I was going to go home and finish it up but I did. At first, I didn’t know what to write about, it was all so sudden. I sort of have this idea lingering in the back of my head but it’s way to bitty to get something out of it. So I just started writing, with that tiny bit of idea. First I came up with the character’s name which is Noah, and then I just wanted him to be talking to a therapist. Starting off with the first sentence and the story then progresses. More and more it became little clearer of which path it was going and I love those feelings. Puting something completely strew and seeing it going in some direction. Most of all, I wasn’t really expecting anything, and that’s what I think the most interesting part of this project was. After I was done I felt a bit content as I actually finished something in this amount of time, plus I didn’t even judge my work at all since it was like a quick one. Will the story work? Who knows, and who cares. I just care about the fact that something came out of my hour and a half in class. I hope that I carry this experience into my future works and habits. Just honestly finish off something first and then worry about how to improve it later. Like how some people say you gotta get lost before getting found.

I mean I guess that’s why when you accidentally bump into a celebrity, it feels the best. So I gotta tell the story over this Thanksgiving weekend. It was a crazy weekend, so much happened. But the only happy highlight was accidentally finding Julianne Moore. I went to visit my uncle in the hospital and later I decided to take a stroll downtown since it was Black Friday¬†weekend I wanted to grab some deals that I could find but found myself in Washington Square Park. That park is always so special, whenever I’m near it I have to go check it out. The Ai Wei Wei exhibit was there too, underneath the arch. As I walked underneath and came out the other side, I turned around and there she is, Julianne Moore. She was literally two feet away from me. I recognized¬†her but couldn’t really recall her name and I didn’t want to abruptly disrupt her with her family. I saw some other people recognized her too but nobody bothered her. I really wish I could’ve taken a picture with her but holy shit that was so cool. Anyway, I was completely not expecting that but out of nowhere I felt this radiant mood.

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