Dr Sheldon Wange



Dr Sheldon Wange, PhD

Sheldon Wange was born a true genius.  He graduated first of his classes and when he was in 8th grade he already started helping out Intel building robots. Sheldon even went as far as trying to convert human feelings into machines. He made extraordinary amount of achievements, rewarded several dozens of national awards, therefore making him a millionaire.


Apart from his success, Sheldon has always been known as very kind. He had a kid and wife that he loves very much. He also donated millions and millions of dollars to charities around the world.


From his tremendous success, Sheldon has also made numbers of enemies and competitors. People were strongly disagreeing with Sheldon’s work that one man has attempted assassination on Sheldon. Sheldon lost his child and right arm for the result of the attack. He suffered from extreme depression after and he disappeared from the world. After years of recovery and working in a noodle shop, Sheldon began learning more about philosophy. He began teaching right after for kids and adults, and little by little recovering from the past.  

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