A Leader

What makes up a leader?


Today every society needs a leader. Everyone wants a leader, someone who they can trust and rely on.  All kids were born and they were told to look up to these leader figures from either parents or teachers.  That’s what the schools want, they all want to teach their kid into becoming a leader. So when they grow up they can become a figure and help out the society in one way or another. But the real thing is, what really makes up a leader? Are you one?


People are usually placed in three categories. Natural born leaders, the so so leaders, and those who are so shy that there’s never a chance of being a leader. Why are there categories, it’s because people tend to think that if you have a lot of followers and you’re well known among many, then you’re a leader. If you are those really shy ones who doesn’t talk at all and not well known, then you’re not. I do NOT believe that. Yes, if a lot people look up to this one person, then that person can be a leader. But that doesn’t mean a shy person won’t be one. Here’s a basic definition of a leader for me, a person that listens truly to his or her heart. That’s what a leader is. There are some other things that make up a leader but that’s a sum up of it.


A leader stays true to themselves, stands up to what they think is best, not always perfectly right. We’ve all heard that before. For me a leader is someone who can connect to others. Someone who can reach into everyone’s heart, understanding the position everybody’s from. All 7.5 billion of us are from this one planet and we’re all searching for the reason of why we’re here. But some period in time we all lost the connection while searching for that reason. We forgot to connect and we started going in our separate ways. What I think a leader should do is to get that connection back again, for all of us. Not just one group, one state, or one country, but this one planet. That’s what a leader is.


There’s a difference between a leader and a boss. A leader stays in front of everybody while they’re all pushing this boulder and a boss sits behind watching them doing it. A leader can connect, know the struggle of others. If you are shy and not open to many, that doesn’t mean you’re not a leader. If you can connect to even one person in this world and you stay true to who you are, you are a leader. If you can connect to one person you can connect to a million. You just don’t know it. If you stay true to who you are, the people that feel connected to you will come.


My personal opinion is that a leader judges while not judging. We all judge, not matter what it’s that idea we were born with. But there are different types of judging. A leader judges for the best. Seeking to improving on every aspect. Not judging of someone because of who they are. Avoiding them because he or she doesn’t agree with the others. A leader listens. To all of those out there that wants to become a leader, if you are yourself, you already there.


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