How Do You Dress Up?

How to dress well

James Ao

Do you dress well? Everyday we dress ourselves up. Some people dress up specifically for others. Some really just dress up for their own needs and wishes. Some of us throw on a 700 dollar jacket, a Rolex watch and a 500 dollar pair of shoes; but does that mean they dress well? Not all the time. Some people who can only put on a lower priced outfit can still out-dress those who wear those luxury clothes. It all depends on how the person dresses himself up. As kids grow up they’ll have to focus more and more on how they express themselves on the outside. That’s how they’ll start to attract the ladies and guys. For single adults, that should be an ALL TIME thing. How do you know you dress well? Well, read the steps below and see how many things you take into consideration while putting on your clothes. If you get all of them, good job; you naturally impress people around you.


Step One: Shower

This part can actually be an extra. It doesn’t need to be done all the time. Taking a shower before dressing up to go to an event or just outside can really be a key turning point. (This ties in with another step we’re going to discuss which is confidence, which is a really really important part.) So, why should we take a shower first? Well first of all, it’s a great way to “restart”. Say you had a really hard day at work; having sweat all over your body or dirty substances, you feel like crap. If you go and take a shower, you get all those nasties off of you, and what better feeling to have right? I look at the water as every little droplets of love. That warm feeling when it touches your body, washing away all the cold and dark feeling. When I turn the water cold it’s so fresh that you can feel it in every pore of your body, cleansing the craziness away from this world.  You can feel as fresh as possible, then throw on some clothes and go out with your friends as a fresh man or woman. You can also get rid of any smell from yourself  when you shower. Wash yourself with some perfumed shower gel (or just soak yourself in water for 5 mins and you’ll smell like NOTHING). Your natural body is part of your outfit so DON’T forget it. Take care of your body. (As I finished typing up this essay, I literally went to take a shower).  


Step Two: Clean Clothes

This is pretty important. You want to put on clean clothes, trust me, you want to. When I say clean clothes I don’t mean to have the clothes straight out of the dryer or the washing machine. (Although if that’s the case that’ll be very good too.) Clean means that the shirt or pants that you’re wearing don’t have anything else on it. It should be just you and your clothes. Try to avoid any wrinkles – that’s like a steak half cooked to however you wanted it done, not showing its full potential. Make sure it doesn’t have any obvious stains on it. That really takes away from your outfit. If people spot that stain, they can never take their eyes off of it, that’ll be what they’ focus on instead of what you’re wearing. If you can avoid it by adding an extra layer over it, then that’s okay but still be careful. So, make sure your clothes are showing full potential.


Step Three: Mood & Tone

This depends on the mood of the day. Maybe some days will be bit more serious. So during those days wear more of a heavy toned outfit, the colors can be bit darker, but still describes who you are. You don’t want to show people that you might be one of those kids who just doesn’t care. People will judge you because that’s how they make first impressions. There are those days when it’s beautiful outside and perfect. Those are the days you let yourself out. Don’t close yourself up, just go. Wear the definition of your name on your body.


Step Four: The Clothes

Then you’re picking out your clothes. There’s a rule that can help you, but you don’t always have to follow it. For an average day try not to wear more than three colors. If you have to, five is the maximum. It’s way too messy if you have five colors and it’s hard for the eyes to focus. So just wear around three, making it smooth and comfortable. Also make sure the colors go well together, which is a big part. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, because all we need are clothes that we can be ourselves in. Also, the clothes that describe you, very simple – the clothes that are you and tell a story like yours.


Last Step: Confidence

Who cares? Why are you thinking that you don’t look good in your outfit? Well it’s because you’re thinking that way, lacking confidence. Everyday you also wear your confidence with you, other people see it. That’s what really attracts the gentlemen and ladies. You are who you are can you show it 100%. Just be you and wear clothes that make you feel you.



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