Let’s Just Go

James Ao

I don’t think I know everything in life, but I think I do know this. There is no such thing as perfect, but there are only two exceptions. First is math, I know, it’s sad, but because 2 plus 2 will always be 4. That’s perfect. The other one is basically how every human being on planet earth is imperfect, because that’s the perfect way for people to learn and connect. When two are a couple, both their imperfection is the perfect reason for why they’re together, and that’s the other perfect exception. But that’s a whole other topic. I’m telling you this story when I was in highschool and I hope I can do it well.

“Hey, Colton! We have to leave pretty soon, are you almost ready?”

“Yeah I’ll be down in a while, give me couple more minutes.”

Sorry that was my wife Caroline, I’m running pretty late already so I need to tell it smooth and fast. This is from when I was in 10th grade.

I hated my social studies class. I had to suffer through the entire forty five minutes of it. It’s not the topic that bothers me, in fact I found it pretty interesting. It’s also not the grade since I had a decent one in the class. It’s how I had to sit down every day listening to the clock to tick. I couldn’t even hear it but it was loud in my mind like inside of a clock tower. Everyday I was waiting, listening to seconds ticking by like water slipping through cracks. Waiting for that perfect moment to come, then I’ll get the chance of asking that girl of my dreams out. Everyday I sat near her in class and I couldn’t’ take my eyes off of her, not in a creepy way. She was one of the kindest human beings alive.I called her Cooper, she has the cutest last name. Anyway I always thought of a way to ask her out. I was thinking maybe when the teacher assign us a project together or put us in groups together that’s when I’d ask. Maybe even after school, I’d buy her pizza. So those were my plans, and I had to knock them down perfectly.

I was waiting everyday, every time for that moment to come. But none of them were the way I wanted them to be.I mean couple times were pretty close but there was always somebody there talking to us or with us. Mostly her girlfriends and I was just fed up with them. Couldn’t they see how much I was smitten by Cooper? I mean I often give hints that I just wanted to talk to Cooper alone but clearly they didn’t get it. Somedays other boys would flirt and talk to her, and that would discourage me from going. I mean I was literally wrestling out of my weight class for Cooper, but I  would still do it. Weeks after weeks I never got a chance to ask, or I never wanted to. I didn’t want to mess it up. Then one day I sucked up enough courage to ask Cooper to help me with homework after school, and she said yes. Of course getting help for homework wasn’t my intention. So I went home, I planned out what I was going to do. I even got to the point when I typed out some things I was going to say. First I was going to walk her to her locker, then I’d go buy her a slice of pizza and then just talk to her. On the day everything was going well, I talked to her after class and walked her down to the lockers. I told her to wait for me while I go get the pizza and left. While walking down the hallway this kid came out and started asking me questions. Turned out he was a foreign exchange student new to the school so I decided to help him real quick, I walked him down to the office he was looking for and we got along pretty well, since we both spoke the same language. After I went back to get the pizza, it was gone. The pizza people were sold out of pizzas.. What? I don’t if I was more frustrated or scared, I ran around the whole school, to every single place where they sold pizza. Nothing. I kept on wanting to search for it but I knew there was none. When I gave up I realized, it was 20 minutes later. I ran back to Cooper as fast as possible and some reason she was still there waiting. I didn’t know what to say, I couldn’t say anything. Somehow couple minutes later I was able to speak, I don’t know what I was saying but I said something. I was just spilling it out but whatever I was spilling out worked. Cooper was my first girlfriend ever. I don’t know how I mean it’s crazy if you think about it, why would she go for a guy like me? Whatever I planned didn’t work out the way I wanted it to be, but do I really care about that?

“Colton, are you ready? It’s better if we get there early.”

My wife again. That’s all the story I can tell right now I really gotta go. If there’s one more thing I would say to you then is that, the way to deal with life is to just embrace it. Good luck.

“Alright Caroline Cooper, are all the kids ready?”

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