Hey, did you do it?



Hey, did you do it?

Look, I don’t know what you’re doing now or how you’re doing. I don’t even know if this is going to still be here, but hey, you still remember this? If you’re not doing the thing you love, whether you lost interest in it or you gave up or anything, just remember this.


Beep beep beep… beep beep beep… beep beep beep…

It’s 7:00 here in the morning with the warm sun shining through the window. It is also December 25, CHRISTMAS! The magical day when all love ones get together and celebrate. The big da-


That’s James Ao, in his natural habitat, late to work as usual. He rushes out of bed with only his underwear and started getting ready. First he took a shower, then brushed his teeth, then he did his hair. After he picked out a nice blue collared shirt and a white striped T-shirt inside. Nice cargo shorts with some classic vans and he’s ready to go. He’s going to take his car to work-

Nah, I’ll take the bike  

Oh, he’s taking his bicycle to work. Even he’s late he still decides to take the bicycle and there’s James for you. As he stepped outside he felt that PERFECT temperature, 72°F. This kind of weather makes him feel alive and ready. He rushed riding his bicycle down the streets of Honolulu, Oahu. James is staying there a little bit with his girlfriend for vacation, also work type of thing. He seems so happy, he always seems so happy, but today he seems extra happy, it’s Christmas so why not. But he also have this look that he’s uncertain about something, like a little kid that doesn’t know what flavor of ice cream he wants, the ice cream he’ll only get once a week. Don’t know what that’s about. As he arrived in his work place all the camera crew and lighting crew and the actors and the directors were all set up.

Ah, there he is, as usual coming in with his bicycle. The director said. The director’s a chill man, very very nice. The whole crew and cast were all nice people, they’re like a family. James rushed his makeup and got ready to act pretty quick. He seemed ready, with so much enthusiasm as an acto-

AHHH COME ON… sorry, can we retake that scene? That was James, that’s weird, he seems uncertain again, like his mind is distracted by something.

Alright it’s fine then, why don’t everybody take off today, we’ll just do a little more tomorrow. The director said. Later everybody came to an agreement to take off the day, most didn’t felt like working since it was Christmas. The director told James that he should just go and have fun. Later all James’ friends in the cast told him to hang out for a while. He denied, of course like the man he is he decided to spend time with his girlfriend the whole day. They had a swell time together. They went surfing for a while and out for a great lunch together. They laid on the beach for a little then they went hiking on top of the Diamond Point mountain. They stayed up there until the sun started to set. Warm Christmas breeze and a heart warming bright orange sunset. What more can you ask for. They hiked down and started walking the streets of Honolulu, holding each other’s hands tight. Millions of Christmas lights and decorations on trees, buildings, and lamps making everybody’s mood light up, making them feel safe inside, while they’re playing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” on the streets. They stumbled on the beach, magnificent fireworks going off in the background and the little tiny waves crashing at the bottom of their feet. Perfect way to spend Christmas right? As they kept walking James suddenly stopped, squeezing the girlfriend’s hand. She turned and exchanged eye contact, one that shows they’re suppose to take care of each other in this world. James walked couple steps forward and turned around. While the tiny waves crash and the gentle breeze blow, he got down on one knee and pulled a little square shaped box out of his back pocket…

It was only supposed to be a simple Christmas but hey, anything with him is unpredictable.   

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