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To start off, we were assigned a project in STAC to read about one of our favorite artists of any category’s biography. We were suppose to read about the artist life and steal or gain from their success. I did not do the assignment…. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the idea of learning about an artist’s life and try to steal and gain power for myself, but it was that we had to get those ideas from a book. Reading a book isn’t one of my strong suits, I never developed the habit of reading in my life, which I know that is a factor which I should improve on. I’ve read only around two books in my life which I completely finished from start to end without skipping. From this I learned that I have a really poor time management skills too, something that I always knew but didn’t really pay much attention to it. Most of the times I leave works to do at the last minute and I really plan on fixing that. I realized that I need a push for me to start working on something and once I get a good start I will finish it. I’m always very distracted by my iPhone, every time when I try to do work I’d get distracted by a song that’s on and I’ll go jamming off to it for half an hour or one. Same thing with videos, when I see a new video that’s uploaded I’d watch it and get distracted easily. Now I plan on putting my phone away and giving me that push to start my work earlier and stay more focused. As that I’m easily distracted easily it’s always been hard for me to read a book, I’ll read about five or six pages then I’ll start doing something else because my mind is always running. Overthinking about things I don’t have to think about, I can’t help it but I’m trying to control it. I never like to miss an assignment, especially in a class that I love but I simply didn’t “felt” this one.


For this assignment I was going to choose a biography on Robert Downey, Jr. I really thought it was interesting to learn about his life and what are some of the things he did to get to where he is now. I never really got into the enthusiasm of doing this assignment though, I kept on thinking that “I’ll get the book later” again with my poor time management and leading to forgetting about it ending up not getting the book. I never really liked to read so I’m sure that’s the reason why I wasn’t as enthusiastic towards this project than others. Around the last couple of days of this project I was thinking of rushing through it and get something done, but then I thought that I most likely wouldn’t learn from it by rushing through and that it’ll create more stress for myself, so I decided to not do the project and focus on the problems that I have and needs to get fixed. During the time of this project I had lots of others things on my mind. With the play in progress getting home everyday around 5:30 pm is a challenge already since I already have bad time management. School works were a big part too, other subjects were throwing out big HW grades and lots of tests that takes a lot of time off. Now that I don’t have anything after school I expect I should be able to finish work earlier and more sufficient. My goal is to fix my time management and focus more when I’m doing my work with any type of push necessary.   

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